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Advice from the 6 bus
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shoutout to Sam for letting me paint a sunset on him

i freaking love this omg can i have a boy who will let me be his canvas omg please
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Time for spring. 
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everything personal♡
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I still remember when we took this picture. To look back to that moment at our graduation, to say “hey remember when we just sat there and it felt like the world wanted to show us how beautiful it can be?”. And now it has almost 100k, I never expected this.
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i love you. you made a mistake? i dont care i love you. you made a wrong choice? love you. you don’t think you’re good for anything? guess what you’re good for loving i love you

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"I think it’s important to tell the person you love that you’ll love them even when the sex gets boring. Even when their hair goes grey and starts to thin out on top. Even when their style changes and they only listen to slow music and the movies they like all follow the same plotline. Even when they don’t change their underwear for three days straight. I think it’s important to tell the person you love that none of those things really matter because, although you loved the sex, their hair, their style, their music taste, the types of movies they liked - you have got to find new reasons to love them every day. That’s what love is. You don’t drag it behind you when it’s dead because it should already be running at least a hundred feet ahead of you."
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